"Shaping today into a better tomorrow"
Teacher - Personal Trainer - Life Coach
Terry Elle
Below you will find a brief history with a few highlights of over 25 years training/teaching in the field of health & fitness.

  • Master  Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant
  • Black Belt ( Kenpo )
  • Black Belt ( Northern Shaolin )
  • Black Belt ( Tae Kwon Do )
  • Modern Arnis Federation
  • KardioKickboxing
  • Beijing Sports Institute
  • Chinese Wushu Research Institute
  • International WushuFederation
  • Touch for Health
  • Healing Touch Therapy
  • Hypnotherapist
While studying Kenpo, Arnis & Kickboxing, I was introduced to the Chinese arts of Northern Shaolin, Tai Chi & WuShu by Jawara Nantambu.

He trained me to win 1st Pl. in over 100 martial arts competitions.  

As my desire to study and train  grew, I left for Beijing, China.
With the strong influence of my Grandfather, I began studying Judo and acrobatics at the age of 3.

This laid the foundation to continue my studies in various forms of martial arts, dance, gymnastics, yoga & methods of contrology.
Shaolin Temple
Traveling extensively to study with many notable masters of the martial arts. Spending several years in different parts of Asia including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia.
Beijing Wushu team.
While training at the Beijing Sports Institute became an honorary member of the world famous Beijing Wushu team.
Shanghai, China
As a teenager, I became fascinated with martial arts competitions.
With team members of the Canton acrobatic team.
Trained at the Canton Acrobatic Institute in Guangzhou, China.
Receiving award from competition.
Representing the U.S. for International competition.
Eight years teacher on staff with the physical education department  for the Anne Arundel Comm. College
Coaching international class in Beijing, China.
Teaching Classes with a young Li Jing who later starred in "The Tai Chi Master", "Drunken Monkey and others.
World Famous Coach of the Beijing WuShu Team and  teacher of film start Jet Li.
Teacher Wu Bin made great sacrifices to assist me during my several trips to china. Many things would've not been possible had it not been for him. He is a true master & I am forever grateful.
Shown here with Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu the "Iron Fist of China" and known for his leading role in the movie Iron and Silk
Had the privilege of being accepted as a disciple under the tutelage of Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu.
Graduation ceremony in Qingdao, China.
Certified as International coach of Chinese Wushu by the International Martial Arts Federation of China.
International Judges Conference
One of the first Americans to be certified as International coach by the International Wushu Federation of China.
Iron & Silk
w/Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu
Performing aerial maneuver for students at East-West connections.
Founded several health & fitness facilities including: East-West Connections, Tian Tan Health Center, Chinese Wushu Training Institute and Martial Arts Inc.
Scenes from movie "The Chinese Hero". Great Wall Productions
Played opposite Jet Li in"The Chinese Hero".
Scenes from movie "Uncertain Destinations"
filmed by Pacesetter Pictures International Ltd.
Leading role as the comical hit man in "Uncertain Destinations".
Article in Looks magazine 
Featured in numerous magazines as well as radio, television and movies.
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The Ricky Lake Show
Tai Chi instructional video 
       "Seven Basic Principles".
Appeared in several video's including a Tai Chi documentary filmed on the Great Wall of China.
Newpaper clippings
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