• Weight Loss
"I began instruction in 1999 withTerry at a size 28 dress, I went down to a size 18 dress in less than a year. He knows how to motivate and made working out fun."

  • Personal Training
"I have trained with Terry for almost 2 years now and I have never looked better or felt better. I always recommend friends and business associates to him as I truly believe that after 6 different trainers, he is the best by far. Unlike a lot of other trainers who only do it for the money, I know he really cares. Thanks!"

  • Self-confidence
"When I first started with Terry I did not feel very confident. I was short of breath and had to have my walking cane with me at all times for fear of falling. Now I no longer bring my cane to the workouts. My breathing has improved and I've lost pounds and inches. I'm very motivated now. God bless you."

  • Tai Chi
"When I first started training in 1993, my doctor recommended Terry to me for an injury I had from a car accident. After 3mo's the pain was gone and now I am teacher of Tai Chi as a result."

  • Kickboxing
"There was little time to spare and I had to find the best kick boxing coach to satisfy our multi-billion dollar executive client, that's my job. My own kick boxing teacher recommended him to me as one of the best. When the session was over, he received rave reviews. Thanks Terry."

  • Kung Fu
"I'm a world champion competitor and have taught martial arts for 25 years now. I highly recommend Terry as one of the most highly skilled martial artists I have known."

  • Fight Choreography 
"I am a producer for a major Hong Kong production Company, I'd highly recommend Terry for his skills."
Personal Trainer Testimonials
                                                                                               "Shaping today into a better tomorrow"
Teacher - Personal Trainer - Life Coach
Terry Elle
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