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Los Angeles Personal Trainer Terry Elle

If you've run across this page, chances are you are ready to take the next step and commit yourself to establishing a regular exercise program. This is the first step and I congratulate you!

Often times, here is where many of us lose the momentum it takes in order to follow up on our resolution. Thinking about starting is only the initiation toward change, but many times has a way of faltering in the face of action. Just thinking about getting in better shape, won't change our body, as well, over-analyzing may deplete the very inertia to take control.
You, being the master craftsman of the vehicle, upon embarking on this journey of fitness, will begin to take pride in knowing that you are on the path to better health, longevity and that which will reward you with the best years of your life. No matter what the age or disability, there is ALWAYS a mode of exercise to enhance the relationship between mind and body.

  Keep in mind, fitness IS a WayUvLife and we have the ability to treat it as such. There is no time like the present to make this realization work for you. I direct this comment especially toward those of us that give in to the guilt of not sticking to our initial goal, shrouding the chance of ever beginning anew.

Just simply allow the past lay to where it is.
NOW that you've made your mind to get in the best shape of your life, it's time to map out a plan of action.

Exercise when done properly, can be one of the most rewarding decisions we can make. However, where do we learn about all the information which would enable us to be productive in our new found pursuit?

Do I go to the gym and watch the person next to me screaming their lungs out trying to get that last rep? Is this what working out is all about? Or maybe picking up the newest hottie to enter the market of meat? This could be why so many people have said to me over the years, "Oh I could never go to the gym, I feel so stupid and out of shape, it would be embarrassing".
If you are seriously interested in making the most of your precious time and wish to avoid the pitfall of endlessly exercising with no results (you know, that person that consistently works out for years and always appears the same), it would be highly beneficial for you to hire a qualified fitness professional that would cut out all the quick fix info we are constantly bombarded with.

Just look at all the ab commercials that are selling offshoots of the "wheel", which by the way has been around for years! Do you think you are really going to get abs doing that for 5 minutes a day, 3x/week? "Oooops, just another credit card bill! I'll put it next to the other machines in the corner collecting dust."
Care must be taken when choosing our personal trainer, for the majority of fitness professionals out there DO have a nationally recognized certification which qualifies them to work as personal trainer. Unfortunately many trainer certification courses are taught right out of a book, which doesn't offer any hands on training in technique whatsoever.

Although some form of standardization is good, let's face it, how is a weekend course from a text book going to help Joan who is 45, has diabetes and a recent knee surgery, by knowing that her gluteus maximus is not attached to the end of her nose???

Sometimes to reveal the truth we must tread through the false.
Okay, let's get down to serious business and discuss the most important thing to you, the reason you are here now. YOU.

To get started on a good training program there are four basic essentials to keep in mind.
                 1) Resistance exercise
                    2) Cardiovascular exercise
        3) Eating habits
   4) Nutrition.

You can think of these as the four legs holding up a table, for without one, overall stability will be poor. Each area supports the other, much like our internal organism functions.

From these four basic elements, comes thousands of variations as to what is the most beneficial way, with as many opinions as there are fitness professionals. As Bruce Lee once stated, "absorb what is useful, reject what is useless." You are uniquely individual and there is not a soul in existence exactly like you.
I would like to assist you in your journey of mind/body exercise, offering personal training programs available for people of all ages and body types. If you are ready to go beyond the myths of exercise and find out a way that works for you, I am here to see that we do it in a way that will best accommodate you.
Personal training via email, telephone or in person are available for your convenience. If you would like more info, just send me an e-mail with your contact number and the best time to reach you. If you are out of state, I require a few weeks advance notice for travel.

As always, Train Smart!!!

Terry Elle
Personal Training
                                                                                               "Shaping today into a better tomorrow"
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Terry Elle
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