"Martial arts is the catalyst of solid character building. The ultimate goal of martial arts lies not in victory nor defeat, yet rather in the improvement of the participants character."
        ~ Ma Tian Li
The Shaolin Temple
Jet Li's first Kung Fu movie, filmed in 1982.
A must see for every martial arts enthusiast!
Kung Fu Uniform
100% Cotton White Cuff Style
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  One of the main differences of martial arts in comparison to other athletic endeavors is that through practice, one learns to move the body as a whole unit. This allows the practitioner much greater strength than normal, with a heightened awareness and superior muscle control.

The whole is greater than each individual part, which applies to all facets of life.

It is important that in the beginning stages of training, one should pay particular attention to the basics. It is much better for you to take a slow pace and build a solid foundation for growth. When the time comes to undertake more advanced moves, having a good base will make them easy to learn and perform, avoiding injury.

             Basic training is the development of flexibility, speed, strength, timing, precision, accuracy, control, etc. These are the fundamentals of most any style of movement and by focusing on one thing at a time, the practitioner will enhance their perseverance, patience and persistence.    

Most people I've spoken with, have admitted to me that at one time or another they had considered taking a martial arts class, but never followed through. Let's face it, following a set schedule of classes can be very time consuming and with our busy lifestyles of today, few are able to spend the time necessary to excel in the art.

If you by chance are one of those select individuals, private training with a master instructor can help you to progress many times faster than by just taking classes. In fact, at some point in one's martial arts practice, it is important for the student to train exclusively with the master.

In traditional kung fu, it was common for the teacher to select a few of the most trusted students that would be taught higher levels of the art.

The martial art programs available are suitable for each individual according to his/her strengths and weaknesses. Your personalized lesson plan is specific to your goals and the results you would like to achieve. People of any age can benefit from an individualized approach, whether you are wanting to shape up, study self-defense or just to learn more about your body.
              Over the years I have taught thousands of people from ages 3 - 93, all with different goals in mind. If you have an interest in learning something new and exciting feel free to drop me an E-mail and let me know what your interests are. If for some reason I am unable to personally instruct you, I would be glad to refer you to a respectable teacher based on your personal information and location.

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